A day in the life of a Denver jeweler

Denver jeweler

Perhaps one of the most fun jobs is helping people on their romantic journeys. Few people get to be a confidant for someone looking to propose like a Denver jeweler, who spends their days looking at beautiful jewelry and helping people in love find the perfect pieces for their significant others. This is a desirable career because often times they get to interact with people during some of the most exciting times of their lives. If you have ever wondered what a typical day might look like for a jeweler, this article will give a peek into what that career might be like.

  • A jeweler might start their day by catching up on industry news. This means combing the internet and social media for any information or stories that might affect their clientele. For example, if a popular celebrity was just proposed to with a special kind of engagement ring like a canary diamond, a jeweler can reasonably expect that the inquiries for canary diamonds will go up considerably over the next few weeks. Since this is the case, they may brush up a bit on their canary diamond knowledge before heading into work.
  • After arriving at work, a jeweler will probably take quick stock of the store and make sure everything seems to be in order. Anyone who works in the jewelry industry is extra wary of theft, particularly because jewelry value can be so high.
  • After checking inventory, a jeweler might rearrange some of the display cases and rotate product so that there is a good view of everything. On a weekday, mornings may be slower for a jewelry store because many people are at work.
  • Lunchtime is usually busy for a jeweler, so they will likely eat a late breakfast or a late lunch. Lunchtime is when people from other jobs are able to come in and look around and perhaps come in for an appointment with a jeweler to discuss custom engagement rings. This is always a hectic time of day because anyone coming in on their lunch break only has an hour to browse around.
  • After the lunch rush, a jeweler might clean and polish some of the pieces that people were handling or examining during the rush. One of the most important things about jewelry sales is that the pieces always look immaculate and brilliant.
  • Following another small lull, business will pick back up again after the workday ends. A jeweler may have a few more appointments with customers or deal with a few walk ins who are ready to start the process of looking for jewelry.

A jeweler will often meet with many different types of people a day in any range of emotions, but the common thread is that everyone they come in contact with is interested in buying something beautiful for themselves or someone they love, which is a truly lovely sentiment. This job is so meaningful because a jeweler can help someone with one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

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