There are five major ambulance manufacturers in the country today, and two of them are owned by one of the top car makers in the world. Around a half a million people are employed by the ambulance makers in some fashion or the other, making ambulance production a very big sector of industry for the nation. Considering how huge the ambulance industry is, it is a bit surprising how little the average person knows about the American ambulance industry. In this article we are going to use information gathered from,, a top ambulance and fire vehicle seller, to cover some of the more important facts about the ambulance makers of the United States.

It may come as a surprise that most ambulances are made with the same engines as other large model trucks that are on the market today. Ambulances are certainly unique looking on the outside, which may lead many people to believe that ambulances are also totally different from other cars on the inside. In fact, the most common ambulance engine is the same on used in the country’s leading full sized truck. Almost all of the components of an ambulance, aside from the special attachment where doctors and EMTs work with emergency victims, are exactly the same as a regular truck. So, the area which is the actual focus on ambulance manufacturers is the back of the vehicle.

Another thing that may be of surprise to the general public is that, like fire truck manufacturers, ambulance makers have to be made in accordance with federal regulations. The rest of the automobile industry might be private in this exception, and able to operate as they wish as long as they meet general safety requirements, but ambulance makers have to meet all sorts of standards. The reason why ambulance makers have so much extra supervision when making their products is actually due to the fact that around seventy percent of all ambulances end up in the public health sector. Private ambulance services have been on the decline for years in this country, as they are a very hard business to make lucrative. Federal laws require ambulances to pick up anyone who has called for an ambulance, provided that they are within their zone of operation, and that means that the ambulance providers don’t really have a say as to who they help and who they don’t. Each year countless people are taken to the hospital in ambulances which they can’t afford. As the federal government will end up picking up the check for the majority of people who take an ambulance without being able to pay, they set the requirements they see fit for ambulance production.

Lastly, the amazing number of ambulances made in this country each year is a noteworthy fact. In 2016, there were eighty thousand new ambulances made in the USA, and if that seems a little excessive, our readers should keep in mind that the USA makers ambulances which are shipped all over the world to nearly twenty other countries.

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