Answering the Concern about Using Different USB Chargers

The use of USB chargers has become a lot more common these days overshadowing old block chargers which were big and bulky. The popularity of USB chargers has led to the further development of charging technology and these have now become a standard when it comes to charging your phone or device. These days you can also find fast USB chargers which provide a much faster approach to supplying your phone’s battery with much needed power. However, despite the USB system becoming a standard for phone charging, there are still certain issues that will need to be addressed.

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It is important to know that there is a variety with the USBs that are being manufactured. In fact, you can find a really big variance between regular USB ports which can dish out 0.5 amps and USBs that are really used for charging (dedicated charging ports) which can dish out as much as 3 amps. Because there is quite a big difference between different the power of the ports, people would wonder whether it will be okay to use different chargers for charging one’s phone. For example, if you plug your phone to a charger that was not intended for that phone and had a difference in amperage, would it be able to charge the phone properly without problems or would the phone be put under stress and explode?

Well to give you a short answer, you can actually just plug your phone onto any USB cable that can fit onto the charging port of your phone to charge it. There will be no explosions or any damage done to your phone. You might even think than using a fast USB charger which is more powerful than the regular charger can speed up the charging time of your phone. So far, I haven’t had any issues using different USB chargers in charging my phone.

To understand that, let’s look at the longer answer. In reality, the model or the year in which your phone was produced has a very important role in determining how fast you can charge it and whether you can make use of a USB charger to charge it or not. During 2007, there was a standardization creating a faster way to charge devices that used USB which was done by increasing the amp output in the USB ports of your PC or by just utilizing a wall charger.

If you have a phone that is more modern like the recent smart phones out there, you can make use of a high amp USB port and be able to charge your device a lot quicker. However, if you have a device that is older, it might not work with ports that make use of the recent standard specification and can only get a proper charge when plugged onto USB 1.0 and 2.0.

The standardization of using USB ports in charging our devices has certainly been a great development. These days you can enjoy fast charging with fast phone chargers provided you have a device that can support the power of fast charging.

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