Back pain is the most common problem that people face in this country today. In fact, more people suffer from back issues than from the three other leading ailments combined. It is not surprise that there are so many people suffering from back pain, as there are such a wide variety of different causes that cause pain issues to develop in the back. Luckily, there are just as many treatments today as there are different kinds of back pain. In local clinics such as, , there are almost fifty different treatment options; each specifically designed to handle different kinds of back issues. Here are three different types of back pain, and the most effective solutions being used to address each of them today.

Back pain caused by injury to the spinal cord. A spinal injury might not begin causing pain to an individual for months or even years after a trauma is suffered, but once the pain begins it can cause a serious amount of distress in an individual’s life. When it comes to injuries to the spine, the most common and more efficient method for treating the pain is through a spine surgery. Once one of the most difficult areas of the human body to operate on, science has not advanced so far that the spine area can be treated with a low risk to the patient, and very high rates of success. While there are several different types of spinal operation, the most common the simply operating on a bundle of nerves which have been damaged by a trauma. The operation can be done in just a few hours, and the patient is often ready to go home the next day. Each year, back surgeons perform over a half a million spinal operations, and the procedure is only becoming more common as time marches on.

Sciatica treatment is usually done through physical therapy these days. Sciatica is an extremely common pain issue which causes numbness and pain in the lower back and legs. There are almost a million sciatica sufferers in the country today, and the number seems to be on the rise as the modern lifestyle has only added to the likelihood that people will develop sciatica issues. Physical therapy is not only very useful in the battle against sciatica; it is also a low cost way to treat this serious problem. People with sciatica issues will typically be prescribed a physical therapy plan which puts them with a therapist several times a week over the course of a few months, or for as long as the pain persists.

Pain in the back caused by stress is also very common, and can range in intensity from mild to extremely harsh. The way in which most doctors target stress related back pain these days is to treat the factors that cause the stress. Often times the doctor will prescribe medication that is aimed at reducing stress, and improving sleep habits. If the patient doesn’t respond to stress treatment, additional therapy may also be employed.

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