Cancer patient names medical marijuana as most helpful tool against chemotherapy

medical cannabis

There is no doubt that cancer of any kind is one of the most frustrating diseases in our society today. It is has high prevalence, is hard to detect and is hard to cure and treat. For these reasons, people are very frightened of cancer for both themselves and their loved ones. Not only is it a difficult disease to deal with, but even the treatment often leaves people in serious pain and discomfort. One of the ways people are finding to deal with this pain and discomfort, particularly when patients are undergoing chemotherapy, is by utilizing medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has been shown to help pain management as well as the telltale symptom of chemotherapy: nausea.

“I was so nauseated I couldn’t even sleep” said a chemotherapy patient who wished to remain nameless. “I always felt like I was hungover or dealing with food poisoning. It was absolutely terrible and made me feel like I wasn’t my old self,” he continued. “It was so hard to watch my family worry about me because I couldn’t eat and always felt so weak and sick.”

After a few months of this, the above patient (we will call him Ben), decided to talk to his doctor about the possibility of medical vape pens to help with his pain management and symptoms.

“I felt a difference pretty much right away,” said Ben. “It was like my nausea just lifted.”  One of the common side effects of medical marijuana also turned out to be a benefit to Ben. “The munchies are real!” He said, laughing. “I was really surprised when food started sounding good all of a sudden. I ended up eating a few cups of pudding the first time I used the marijuana and honestly, it was the most I had eaten in awhile.”

Ben says he is encouraged by how much better his pain and discomfort have been since he began using medical marijuana in his self care regimen. “I’ve stopped dreading the chemo treatments so much. It was the anticipation of the side effects that really made it terrible, but now at least I know I have a way of managing those things,” he said.

Ben said he would advise other cancer patients to go a similar route if they feel they have reached a plateau in their pain management. “Go talk to someone in your area like Modern Health Concepts,” he suggested. “It’s so helpful to talk to professionals who can help you really understand the effects of marijuana and how it can be really beneficial for you.”

Ben is optimistic about his prognosis. “So far everything is looking good and I’m feeling even better.” Does he attribute this to the marijuana? “Partly,” he says, “but I had some outstanding doctors who really worked with me through every step of my process. The medical marijuana was a good way to keep me feeling motivated and to lift my spirits. It made me feel like myself again, which I personally think helped my recovery a ton.”


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