How to choose the right e-nail for you


Dabbing is the process by which one inhales the vapors that are produced when herb concentrates are heated up.  By doing so with cannabis, one gets way more THC into his or her system.  THC is the component that gives you the high feeling and allows you to relax.  In fact, the amount of THC can increase anywhere between 70 and 90%.  If this is the effect that you are going for, or if you have tried dabbing previously and enjoyed it, you may want to look into purchasing a dab rig.

While some often call a dab rig a bong, it is quite different.  Bongs catch the smoke that is created when one lights up a joint.  A dab rig, on the other hand, uses a nail that gets heated up either electronically or by using a torch.  The concentrated extracts in either oil or wax form are removed from the cannabis or other herb and a small amount is then dabbed onto the heated nail. As soon as this is done, a vapor is produced that you then inhale.

Dab rigs generally have three components, a glass piece, a nail and a torch lighter.  You can buy them separately or together.  If you purchase them together as a set, be sure that you can choose the type of nail.  There are several to choose from including glass, ceramic, titanium, quartz and e-nails.

Glass and ceramic are the least expensive and easiest to clean.  While glass does not give off a taste that can interfere with the enjoyment of the herb, some ceramic nail users often get a residual taste.  In addition, both materials are extremely breakable and do not do well under extreme heat.  A glass nail may cost you more in the long run due to the fact that you will need to replace it quite frequently.

If you have the money, you can upgrade to either quartz or titanium.  Both are durable and will not break.  However, quartz cools quickly and may not produce enough vapor to enjoy.  Titanium has a tendency to overheat and can burn the marijuana instead of producing a vapor.  Therefore, if you choose to use a vapor nail, you may need to buy a water diffuser to go with it.

E-nails are the most expensive, but also the most convenient.  They eliminate the need for a torch and can be set to a precise temperature so that you get the best taste, the most vapor to inhale and do not burn the product.  However, you need a power source in order to be able to use an e-nail.  Furthermore, e-nails are often large and cannot simply be placed in your pocket.  You may need to purchase  Dabber Box in order to be able to take it with you.

E-nails are generally durable and can be customized to the color of your liking.  You can also decide between an e-nail with a dome or one that does not have one.

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