Common Questions People Have about Getting Dental Implants

One common treatments offered by dentists are Dental Implants. Although there are so many people that already have dental implants those who don’t usually do not know what dental implants are as just like many other treatments in the dental industry, implants are not that well understood despite how great they can be for people who get implants. As patients of dentists, we should be able to know and understand the services that they offer to us which is why today, we are going to talk about the common questions that people have about getting implants and know the answers.

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1.) “Dental Implants, what are they?” – To put it simply, a dental implant acts like a base for an artificial tooth to be put on top. Its basic structure is like a metal post and is composed of titanium metal as this is a hypoallergenic material. The implant can be attached into the bone (Endosteal) or it can be supported simply by one’s gums (Subperiosteal).

2.) “So what are dental implants used for?” – Dental implants are actually for people who have lost a tooth and want to get it replaced. With a dental implant you will have a metal base where your new artificial tooth will be attached on. Because of its great reputation in the industry, dental implants are a common solution to replacing one’s teeth whether single or multiple.

3.) “How are they attached into my mouth?” – For one to get Dental Implants one would have to go through the surgical procedure to get it attached. During surgery the dentists or surgeon will have to drill a hole into one’s jawbone where the dental implant will go into. Once the implant is inserted it is capped off and will have to be left for a period of time to fuse with the bone before attaching the tooth.

4.) “Does the process of getting implants hurt?” – You do not have to worry about much pain during surgery because you will be given some anesthesia to numb the pain. There are even patients that choose to be sedated before proceeding. However, you can expect to feel some slight pain and discomfort after surgery when the area is still healing and the implant is fusing to the bone.

5.) “Are dental implants safe to get?” – Dental implants actually have a great track record among dentists and oral surgeons in the industry. If you ask a dentist he would probably say that dental implants are quite safe to get. In addition getting dental implants even helps provide structure to the underlying jawbone preventing it from developing abnormally.

6.) “How long do implants actually last?”- With their quality design and strong material Dental Implants can long quite a long time. However, the quality of the implants and how long they actually last will depend on how you take care of your implants and artificial tooth which is why it is important to undergo routine maintenance with the dentists and always practice good oral hygiene.

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