Custom retail packaging can help you sell your product.’ve all heard that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and while that’s certainly a good approach when it comes to reading books, in practice it’s not actually what people do. People are constantly making snap judgments about all kinds of things. For example, when people meet someone for the first time, they immediately make a judgment of them, either consciously or subconsciously, based on the clothes they’re wearing, how they talk, if they make eye contact, and what their handshake is like. While it would be great if everybody actually got to know someone before they made a judgment of them, in practice that’s just not how people work. This of course extends beyond just people into all kinds of things. People are constantly making snap judgments about things, and it’s those snap judgments that informs their opinions about the world around them.

Companies have known for decades that consumers make snap judgments about their products, which is why the best companies out there understand the importance of custom retail packaging. Custom retail packaging is exactly what it sounds like: it’s packaging that goes around the product that’s custom-designed specifically for that product. The next time you visit a big box store or even the grocery store, take a second and look at the different kinds of custom packaging that companies are using. These companies understand that consumers make snap judgments about their products when they’re walking through the store, and they know that a better retail packaging can make their product more attractive to consumers. Companies would love it if people only purchased products based on the quality of the product itself, but that’s not how it works. In order for consumers to notice their product and thus be interested in buying it, they first have to like the way the product is packaged. It would be great if consumers didn’t judge the product by its packaging, much like they don’t judge books based on their covers, but that’s simply not how they operate.

Each year, businesses all across the country spend millions of dollars on packaging. They run focus groups where they ask customers what they think of different packaging, they do market-based studies where they assess which types of packages are helping them sell more products, and they hire professionals who are specifically trained in the art of creating effective and unique custom packaging. The way that your product looks when it’s on the shelf goes a long way in determining how well that product is going to sell. A great package can be the difference between consumers choosing your product or choosing one from your competitors, so if you work in the retail industry you’d better believe that you need to be investing heavily in custom packaging.

The key to getting great custom packaging is finding a great packaging company that can help you create it. There are loads of such companies out there, but none of them does a better job than Dunwiddie Custom Packaging.

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