Flooring Considerations for Your Custom Garage

Adding a custom garage to your home is a big decision. This can have a dramatic affect on the homes value in the year to come. This can have an effect on your net worth due to the increase of value in your home, and it can increase your potential profit if you sell your home in the future. The functionality of your home can also shift as you decide the purpose of your new addition. Perhaps an oversight in some scenarios, the choice you make in flooring for your garage will be important. There are a few points to consider. While this list is not exhaustive by any means, it is meant to help you begin to think through your options.

  1. Personal choice can have a huge impact on your flooring choices. There are a vast variety of choices. Many of these choices are simply based on taste, but some choices can be based on functionality. What statement are you attempting to make http://www.customgarageco.com/index.htmlwith your garage? Is it about your hobbies, and meant to be an oasis from the hustle and bustle of life? Are you wanting to showcase a car collection? These types of considerations must be made when attempting to go through the many options.
  2. Functionality is a big consideration as well. If you are a car buff and into older vehicles, you will definitely not want carpet. Older vehicles are notorious for leaking fluids, and this would quickly ruin any carpet choice in your custom garage. For the car buff, a choice of concrete stain or an export floor might be better. These allow for quick cleanup, and tend to last longer than carpet. Other options like tile could be up for consideration, if you are hoping to make a statement. The functional purpose of a tiled garage is probably much lower. However, it can definitely impress it that is your end game. A concrete floor with a coat of paint is one of the most basic options, but it can be very functional. It is also one of the cheaper ways to go.
  3. A list of considerations would not be complete without considering the future. This is important in several ways. The value a custom garage can bring to your home is dependent on multiple factors. All of these factors must be considered if future home value is important to you. An option like a paint floor may be cheap, but it will not last long. If you are planning for the long-term, consider investing in better flooring options. Something that is multi-purpose and will withstand wear and tear is the best. This points towards an option like epoxy or a concrete stained floor.

No matter you choice in the end, the option you choose should be about your personality, how long you will be in your home and the investment value you hope to realize. The balance of these considerations will allow you to make a suitable decision. Having a trusted advisor in the custom garage builder field will help you make the most informed decision.

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