Give your home a brand new look with replacement siding, doors, and windows

A lot of realtors say that the front door is the first impression of a home.  They see their vinyl sidingclients reacting to the fronts of houses all the time and they have a good sense of what portions of a new home are important and which aspects are often overlooked.  Without realizing it, most people get a certain feel when they walk through the door of a home for the first time.  The colors, textures, and overall space has an effect on us as social beings who react to their environments.  This is an important point to remember if you are redoing the look of your home.  Front doors are functional, of course, but they are also part of the decor so don’t be afraid to step outside the box when choosing something new.

There is an old Italian tradition that says a bright red front door brings good luck to the home and all who pass through it.  Would a red door  look good with your siding and shutter colors?  These are fun ways to spruce up the look of the house without going overboard.  Have you ever considered double doors on the front of your house?  If there is room for it, why not?  What a grand entrance that would create.  It can seem a bit overwhelming when you start to see just how many options you have when it comes to exterior decorating.  The specialists with 1st Choice Windows & Siding can help with all of this.  During your initial consultation they will discuss with you which areas of your doors, windows, and siding may need to be replaced and which ones can just be updated for aesthetic purposes.  Usually front doors are in good shape but it is the look that gets outdated when the house grows older.  If you are already needing to get your siding replaced, why not have some fun with new colors and textures with the front door too?

Windows are another element of the home that 1st Choice does very well.  They are experts at staying under budget because they want their customers to be happy with the ultimate purchase, not feeling regret later on because they are making payments for life.  That being said, though, 1st Choice does offer financing and low payment options if you want to spread out your payment.  However, they are not going to overcharge or only show you choices that are above your price range like their competitors.  The specialists at 1st Choice Windows and Siding know that money is important but it is not the most important thing about a business.  Firstly, customer satisfaction is what drives their business strategies.  If you are feeling excited yet overwhelmed with the chance to give your home a new look on the outside, give 1st Choice a call for a free consult.  They will show you just how easy it can be to get windows, siding, and doors upgraded at an affordable price.  Your neighbors will be so jealous!


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