This country has not had a culture of maid services as wide spread as that which exists today, yet there have always been cleaning services, just on a smaller scale. The new generation has become accustomed to having cleaning agencies that serve different communities, and provide a wide range of different services, something which has become the norm across the country. In this article we take a look back at commercial cleaning services and discuss some of the ways they have changed over the years.

The first and perhaps most evident difference between cleaning services today and those thirty years ago can be found in their price. In the 1970’s, only about 5 percent of the nation had a cleaning service that came to their homes, and those that did have cleaning services were among the nation’s wealthiest people. The idea of having a maid was considered something exclusively for the upper crust. The idea of having a maid was not yet culturally typical. Homes which did have maids also tended to have maids which worked and lived in their clients homes, making the idea of having a maid even more unimaginable for the common family. The change in the perception and price of maid services started to appear in the late 80’s when many women began to join the workforce in numbers which had never before been seen. With less reliance on women being the caretaker in the home, there was sudden and massive number of new potential clients for cleaning agencies. A number of forward thinking business people in the maid industry decided that it would be a smart idea to start offering low cost cleaning services for middle class people, an idea which paid off handsomely. By the mid 90’s there were around fifty, multi-million dollar cleaning agencies operating in the country, whereas prior to that time the number of cleaning service companies with significant earnings was extremely small. The lowered cost of maids began to change the way people perceived home cleaning services, and the nation started to see having a maid as a very normal thing for middle class people.

Another change that came with the lowered cost of maid services was the huge boom in the number of different agencies that serviced clients in their field. Almost overnight companies like,, started popping up all over the place. The many new cleaning agencies expanded the number of services which were offered. All of a sudden, maids were not only cleaning homes, they were helping out with the children, taking care of pets, buying groceries and much more. Maid services almost became more closely related to home assistance agencies than the traditional maid services which people thought of prior to that time. Today the wide range of help maids offer is still on the rise. Many elderly people receive frequent assistance from maids and cleaning services, services which are so important that they sometimes allow people who would otherwise have to live in assisted living center, to continue living alone. The modern maid is truly an amazing help to millions of Americans.

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