How many Denver gyms do you know of that include spa services?

You would have thought that by now, the combination of a gym and spa would be standard, especially in the larger and health-savvy cities.  However, this trend is somewhat new but catching on quickly because of how much sense it makes!  Say goodbye to separate gyms and spa services and say hello to the best of both worlds – a gym and spa all with one membership.  The full perks of this new combination may not be sinking in just yet, so let me tell you about it.

A true full body and mind workout can’t always be done in a gym alone.  Sure you can zone out and plan your day while jogging on the treadmill.  You can release all of your aggression from the hectic work day while doing some reps on the leg machine.  But can Personal trainer Denveryou fully relax and erase everything in your mind to start new?  Can you restore and heal your worn muscles somewhere in the gym?  Not usually.  Along the same lines, you usually feel pretty refreshed and restored after any given spa service, but you might feel a bit incomplete without getting some exercise.  Too much relaxation can make you feel sluggish.  With the ability to switch between spa and gym, you will feed all of your body’s needs in one visit.  Start with the row machine and then relax your tired shoulders with a massage.  Or, you can start with a nice mud mask to clean out your pores and head straight to the yoga class across the hall.  Make plans with your new personal trainer to hit all of your core muscles before completing a few laps in the pool.  The combinations of ways to strengthen and heal your mind and body are endless with these two worlds in one place.  A gym and spa membership should definitely be on your list of things to obtain this year because you get way more than you put in.

So think of all the possibilities with this new wave of fitness.  You can work with a personal trainer to balance out your workouts and your recovery with spa services.  The services and gym access that you use on any given day can match your mood.  On a really bad day, you might just head straight to the massage table and forget the workout altogether, that’s your choice and you would never get judged for it.  The point is, the best of both worlds will be in the same place at your disposal. Plus, you’ll get the luxury and atmosphere of a spa even when you’re just running in for a quick spin class.  No matter what you choose to work on, you will be improving your body and your mental state simultaneously.  Its a wonder that more gyms and spas haven’t come together already because it really does make so much sense.  You probably didn’t see the full potential at first, but now it is very easy to see that once you have a membership that includes gym and spa you will never go back to only one.

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