How to make engagement ring shopping less stressful

Shopping for an engagement ring is supposed to a fun and exciting experience, but often it ends up being a little overwhelming for many shoppers. The sheer number of settings, gemstones, shapes and colors can often feel like the options are so numerous that they make a new shopper miserable. The best advice that I ever received about how to simply the process of engagement ring shopping is that I should consider all of the options and narrow it down before I ever enter into a jewelry store. No matter what type of ring that someone is looking for, the chances are good that any jewelry store that you walk into is going to be able to find several options for you in the category of what you want. You will make the entire experience of shopping for and purchasing a ring so much easier if you can walk into a shop and give the jeweler some direction on what kind of ring you do or do not want to see.

Knowing a little bit about the kind of gemstones that you want to have featured on the ring is a great place to start. Gemstones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so do not feel like you automatically have to look only at diamonds for your engagement ring. The four most popular types of gemstones for engagement rings are rubies, emeralds, sapphires and of course diamonds. Any engagement ring jeweler with a decent selection is going to be able to show you several different cuts of any of these types of gemstones, but do not feel like you are only limited to those types of gemstones for a custom engagement ring. The options for the types of center stones or accent stones in a ring are as endless as your imagination. Moonstones, opals, emeralds, garnets and amethysts are just a few examples of stones that are popular for engagement rings. If you choose a gemstone that is not a diamond, then the chances of your engagement ring being one of a kind are higher as well.

Selecting the type of metal that you want your band to be made out of ahead of time can also help you narrow down the options available to you at the engagement ring jewelers. Thankfully, there are fewer options that are available for the band itself the there are for the gemstones. The main metal options typically fall into three groups: gold, silver (or white gold), and rose gold. Alternative metals such as titanium are also available though you are more likely to see those available for men’s wedding bands than you will for engagement rings.

Finally, the most important factor that you will want to nail down before you start visiting jewelers is your budget. There are eons of rings that are beautiful and wonderful and they are available at every price range, so know how much you want to spend before you walk into a jewelry store and get carried away.

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