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International StudentsAre you a student trying to join a college or university of your choice? Are you a parent you a parent or guardian who is striving to get your child to university? Worry no more. Now, more than any other time in history, international student recruitment has been made easier thanks to FPP EDU Media international student recruitment agency. But, why should you choose FPP EDU Media? What do clients say about FPP EDU Media? What is the difference between FPP EDU Media and other international student recruitment agencies?

Reasons For Choosing FPP EDU Media Over The Rest
There is every reason to choose FPP EDU Media over other agencies thanks to many of the benefits you will receive. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose FPP EDU Media:


Easy To Follow
While many student recruitment portals are complicated, FPP EDU Media students’ portal is easy to follow. This will be the case even if you have just signed up for the portal thus green about navigation and products. There are ready-made tools that will help each student to quickly catch up with other students. An example of this is the FPP client area on FPP’s official website. You can also find contacts, students’ profiles, online products, and FPP’s events.

Student Quality
Student quality is core to EPP EDU Media. Because of this reason, student-screening process is taken seriously. This is done in order to recruit students who meet the threshold. This is not limited to recruitment alone but in all other areas such as attending events, and online engagements.

Over the years following 2011, FPP EDU Media is the leading international student recruitment agency that is keeping students up to speed with current affairs thanks to latest technology. After becoming the first body to launch scanning technology that allows you to monitor students’ affairs, many things keep improving.

Now, you can collect student’s data thanks to the student App. The App also allows you to complete statistics that you are looking for within minutes. The latest Virtual Fair platform launched in 2016 is a real innovation that will help you monitor students’ affairs.

EDU Points
Up to 2014, not even a single international student recruitment agency that had seen the need to reward students appropriately. We filled that need by introducing rewards program, becoming the first in the industry that helps clients and students earn EDU Points when taking part in any of the FPP activities.

EDU Points earned from various FPP activities will help individuals participate in email blasts, webinars, Facebook campaigns, and student online affairs.

What Clients Say
“The level of students and their quality are amazing. The fair, the App are all-great. You can write and rate them. You can also follow up with your student afterwards,” said Kimberly Nance from Melbourne University.

In part, another client said, “We have participated in FPP’s fairs… I particularly love how their online portal is designed. It is user-friendly.”

Other Differences Between FPP EDU Media And Others

It is easy to interact with FPP EDU Media through various platforms that have been designed to help clients. It is now possible to find FPP’s information within seconds via:
�� Edu virtual expos� Edu email blasts and � Edu webinars

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