Overley’s Vacuum Truck Service offers many different services

No matter what kind of professional vacuum service that you are in need of, Overley’s Vacuum Truck Service has you covered. They can perform a wide variety services from industrial cleaning and air excavation to hydro-blasting. Below is an outline of the many services that they can offer to you:

Industrial Cleaning – If you run an industrial plant such as a mine or a power plant, then  you know the importance  of making sure that the service you use for your plant cleaning and regular maintenance is done by a company that has the experts and the newest equipment for the job.

Super Vacs – Super vacs used for projects like removing dense sludge from tanks or ponds, getting rid of waste materials that exist at very deep depths and even helping to clean out the fields in mines, power plants, grain elevators and power plants.

Vacuum Tankers – a vacuum tanker has the ability to clean out waste of any kind in a safe and effective manner. If you need to clean out a septic system or a grease trap, or even clean up the waste left behind at a car wash, you want a safe way of removing that waste without any spills. Their stainless steel vacuum tankers can get the job done.

Hydro-Blasting – Large surfaces need to be cleaned up just as much as the small ones. That is why they have a professional hydro-blasting system that produces up to 20,000 PSI. They can use this system to clean and remove grime from structures such as bridges, buildings, tanks and vessels. Their high pressure system gets the job done quickly so that you can get back to your business with minimal interruptions.

Jetting – Do you have a storm drain or a pipe system that is becoming clogged up? Their state of the art jetting system can help clear out the blockage. The jetting cleaning process works against dirt and mud as well as many other kinds of debris.

Hydro-Excavation – sometimes you have a pipe or line that needs to be cleared out, but it is in a delicate spot.  Perhaps you are not able to dig out the line for jetting because of nearby systems, but you still need to get to it to have it cleaned out. That is where hydro-excavation comes in. Instead of having to dig out and completely expose the area in need of cleaning, they can tunnel into it or use a pot hole for access.

Tank cleaning – tanks can hold all kinds of materials, and it may not be easy to access the insdie of them when you need to get them cleaned. Overley’s can clean up tanks of all sizes from portable storage tanks to tanks that are holding hazardous materials such as sulfuric acid.

Dry Well Cleaning – Dry wells have to be cleaned out according to OSHA standards, so you want a company that knows the right way to get them clean and keep them working properly.

Emergency Response – If there is a problem with a storage tank, you need fast service. That is why Overley’s has an emergency response unit that can come and assist you 7 days a week.

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