Signs that you need new siding installed

When you are a homeowner it is up to you to keep up with the maintenance of all aspects of your home. Studies show that a home that has has regular maintenance and upkeep performed on it is much more likely to have a higher resale value than one that has only had minimal work and only when something broke and was required to be fixed. The windows and the siding on your home are no exception to this rule. You want to make sure that you are maintenance it throughout the year. When you do this, it helps you to spot potential problem areas early on and get a professional in to fix them before they become much bigger and more expensive issues.

The best way to help prevent future issues is the know what the signs are when your siding is in need of a little help. Here are a few pointers on what you can look for on the vinyl siding on your home:

  1. Your home needs to be repainted more often than it should. Most paint manufacturers suggest that a home receive a full repaint about every 5 years. this of course will depend on the varying factors such as weather and the quality of the paint, but if you see that the paint on your siding is already starting to peel or fade after just a year or two. then you may have a problem and need to replace your siding.
  2. There is dry rot on the siding. Dry rot can start to crop up underneath the siding panels where it is hidden from the sun. These dark moist places can breed the fungus like crazy and create a problem before it ever becomes visible. If you see anything that looks like fungi, call your siding company.
  3. The siding is warped or cracked or chipped. Stand next to the wall on the outside of your home and look down the length of the siding. If you start to notice any warping or cracking in the panels, then you could have siding that is either old and in need of replacement, or you may have some water damage on those areas. Either way, anything that does not look uniform is usually a bad sign. Cracks, chips, warping, bubbling up, sinking or anything else that does not look right should be looked at by a professional.
  4. Your energy bills have been increasing. Energy bills can go up for a variety of reasons, but if you start to notice that yours is much higher now than ti was the same time last year, it might be time to have some new siding installed on your home. When siding is first installed, there is a layer of sealing wrap that is laid down first. This sealing wrap helps protect your home from the elements and makes it easier for it to maintain its internal temperature even when it is contrasting sharply with the temperature outside. When your home has to work harder to keep it at an ideal temperature, then you will start to see the results of that work in the form of higher energy bills.

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