Ten Helpful Tips in Effectively Cleaning your Carpet

Having a carpet or rug at home is a great way to add some décor to your home’s interior. Carpets can look very beautiful and can provide a warm area to walk over. If you have a carpet you know how the colors and patterns can really shine especially when the carpet is new. However, over time the colors will start to fade and dirt and dust will build up on the carpet making it look aged. In order to make your carpet look like new and prolong its lifespan you have to do some carpet cleaning work.

Carpet Cleaning

carpet spot cleaning

Cleaning your carpet can be simple or tedious depending on how much work needs to be done. Most people call in carpet cleaners to take on the job since they have the essential tools and equipment to efficiently clean your carpets. However, if you are stuck having to do the chore on your own, you need to know how to do it properly so you won’t end up making your carpet dirtier affecting its quality. To help you out, we are going to share ten helpful tips so that you can effectively clean your carpet.

1.) To know whether your rug or carpet already needs to be cleaned, hold it up and give it a slight kick. If dust and dirt starts flying out from the fibers, it is time to clean out that carpet.

2.) When doing some carpet cleaning, it is best to take your carpet and lay it on a clean floor surface to prevent any additional dust buildup.

3.) As much as possible keep your rugs and carpets dry. Any moisture will create a breeding ground for bacteria and molds which can be hard to clean once it has built up.

4.) When doing some vacuuming on your carpet, make sure you vacuum the underside as well. To get proper coverage, divide the surface into segments and vacuum them separately.

5.) If you are going to wash your carpet, make sure you use mild soaps or shampoos along with cool water. Harsh chemicals can damage your carpet and make the colors fade too fast.

6.) Make sure you do a color run test on a hidden part of the carpet before you use a new carpet cleaner to make sure it will not affect the color of the carpet in any way.

7.) Make sure you use the same cleaner on the fringes of rugs and carpets. Utilize a laundry brush so that the fringes will not become tangled and brush in a motion away from the pile.

8.) When your pets urinate on the carpet, do not wait for even a second before cleaning up the mess because the odor can settle and the urine can damage the carpet’s surface.

9.) When cleaning out any odors that have stuck on your carpet, make use of a solution of one cup vinegar to a gallon of water.

10.) If you think the task is too complex do not hesitate to contact the carpet cleaners so that they can use their equipment to properly clean your carpet.

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