Top 5 benefits of hot yoga classes

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It is true that hot yoga is intimidating for many people. If you don’t know what hot yoga is, it is a type of yoga class that takes place in an intentionally heated room. Generally, hot yoga rooms are heated to about 105 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity percentage of about forty. This is very hot and humid and understandably uncomfortable for many people. The reality is, it is actually a little uncomfortable to walk into a hot yoga room no matter how many times you have been to hot yoga classes. The trick is that once you are used to it after a few minutes, it isn’t as bad. Your body will adapt and you will actually enjoy how detoxifying it can be. It has been said that hot yoga was actually invented as a way to mimic the hot and humid climate of India, the birthplace of yoga, in climates that were not similar. While it takes a little while to get used to, here are some of the benefits of hot yoga classes.

  1. It is one of the most purifying and detoxifying workouts you can do- Hot vinyasa yoga classes make you sweat. There’s no way around it. The benefit of sweat, however, is that it cleanses your body of toxins and impurities at a rapid rate. This means that you will feel better, lighter and brighter after every class. Once you make hot yoga part of your regimen, you can maximize this effect, which will keep your body healthy and detoxified.
  2. Hot yoga forces you to focus on your breath- One of the most important lessons in yoga is to focus on your breath, especially in times of discomfort. This is one of the lessons that instructors encourage students to use both on and off the mat. When the heat and humidity feels oppressive, you will have no choice but to focus specifically on your breath so that you can make it through class. This is an important skill to acquire.
  3. Hot yoga classes can keep you from getting sick- By adding a hot yoga class to your workout regimen, you will be sweating on a regular basis. As mentioned, sweating detoxifies the body, so it will consistently keep you from getting sick. Have you ever been advised to sit in a steam room or sauna when you are sick? This is similar, but by going to a hot yoga class at least once a week, you are preemptively warding off sickness rather than trying to cure yourself after you are already sick.
  4. Hot yoga classes can be less crowded- Due to the fact that many people are intimidated by hot yoga classes, you may find that hot yoga classes aren’t quite as full as some of the other classes at Joy Yoga Center throughout the week. If you are someone who appreciates less people in a class, this may be a reason for you to try hot yoga.
  5. Hot yoga will help you lose weight- If weight loss is your goal, hot yoga can kick start it. Sweating so much will knock off quite a bit of water weight and that immediate result will keep you motivated to keep going and losing more weight.

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