Top 5 things to eat after yoga classes

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Imagine this: you come home from the gym after a particularly intense yoga class at Joy Yoga Center. Your hair is damp, your clothes are wet and your skin is shiny with sweat. You feel great. Balanced and strong and peaceful.The only thing wrong is that you are hungrier than you have ever felt. Does this sound familiar? For many people, yoga workouts inspire them to eat healthier and a post workout snack or meal is the perfect way to make sure you giving your body the nutrients it needs and replenishing it. Plus, delicious food is a great reward to give your body for all the hard work it did. In addition remember to drink water! Especially if you are someone who sweats a lot, you lose a lot of water as your sweat in the gym, meaning your body is dehydrated and craving water to help your cells and muscles repair themselves. So, grab yourself a big glass of cold water and pick one of the five snacks below to help you recover after intense yoga classes.

  1. A bowl of oats with fruit and maple syrup- Oats are a delicious, quick and restorative meal for after a workout. Make up a bowl of oats and top it with your favorite fruits like bananas or berries. Add a little non-dairy milk like almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk for creaminess and a little bit of pure maple syrup for sweetness. You can also add a few chia seeds or hemp hearts for some added protein.
  2. Scrambled eggs and toast- Another quick meal, scrambled eggs provide a dose of protein that is beneficial to muscle recovery. Scramble up some eggs and pile them on top of a piece of whole grain or sprouted wheat toast. If you like a little more flavor, a sprinkle of nutritional yeast will give the eggs a cheesy flavor. If you like a kick, a squirt of sriracha will be a nice addition.
  3. Brown rice and black beans- The combo of protein from the beans and slow-digesting carbs from the brown rice are great for muscle recovery. To keep things quick, use quick cook or microwaveable brown rice and a can of rinsed, drained and no sodium added black beans. For a kick of flavor and veggies, add two tablespoons of your favorite salsa or pick de gallo on top.
  4. Post workout smoothie- If eating after a workout just isn’t for you, that’s ok, but you still need to replenish your body. A great way to do this is with a post workout smoothie. There are lots of recipes for this, but an easy delicious option is half a frozen banana, a scoop of unsweetened almond butter, a scoop of your favorite protein powder, a handful of spinach and a little bit of your favorite non dairy milk like almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, cashew milk or rice milk.
  5. Tofu and zoodles- If you are someone who likes a savory treat, try spiralizing a zucchini to make all natural veggie noodles. They cook quickly and can be combined with any style of tofu you like for a quick stir fry. Top with a little tamari and sriracha for a boost of delicious flavor.

It’s so important to have a regular workout schedule, but even more important than vinyasa yoga classes is how well you replenish and reward your body after a workout. If you try out some of the ideas above, your body is sure to be happy and healthy.

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