Use the resources that are out there to improve your health compliance. might seem like an odd term, but health compliance is one of those terms that’s getting thrown around a lot these days. Health compliance essentially refers to the activities, behaviors, and habits that people engage in that are beneficial to their health. For instance, if you have diabetes then being health compliant means that you’re taking your insulin injections when you need them, that you’re getting the recommended amount of exercise that your doctor told you to get, and you’re avoiding sugary drinks and alcohol. If you have high blood pressure then being health compliant would mean taking your medication, exercising regularly, and eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. For people of relative health and without preexisting conditions, being health compliant simply means taking care of yourself. It means avoiding bad habits like smoking and drinking, engaging in good habits like running, and avoiding foods that are rich is sugar, salt, and/or fat.

If you’ve recently taken health assessments and now you’re ready to improve your health through health compliance, make sure that you’re taking advantage of the resources that are available to you. For example, there are plenty of great gyms out there staffed with personal trainers. If you want your physical fitness levels to be the best that they can be then hiring a personal trainer is a good idea. You should also make sure that you’re visiting your local health stores and stocking up on any supplements or vitamins that you might need.

The point here is that there are lots of resources out there that make it easier for people to remain health compliant. One of the best resources that’s available are those provided by a company called HealthAware. HealthAware typically works with companies and organizations to help them create programs that will improve the health of their employees, but they also work with individuals to help them improve their health compliance. What they do is they have anyone who wants to join their program fill out a health assessment. From that assessment they can determine what behaviors or habits people are engaging in that are negative for their health. Once they’ve identified those behaviors and habits they can create solutions to deal with them. For instance, if some people in their program are drinking way too many sugary drinks like pop and Gatorade then the solution is to get those people to substitute their sugary drinks for water. What HealthAware will do in this instance is shoot those people text messages throughout the day telling them to drink more water and less soda. The people getting the messages will respond to them and say if they adhered to drinking more water or drank a soda. HealthAware will then compile that data over the course of a month and figure out how much more health compliant the individuals were. These types of resources are out there for people to use, and they make the task of being health compliant much easier than it once was.

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