One of the things which dentist least like to do is extract a tooth. From the very start, while studying in dental school, young dentists are taught that they should always attempt to do everything possible in order to avoid having to take a tooth out. While dental implants and other forms of false teeth of advanced amazingly over the years, there is no replacing a real tooth. Our original teeth help stop infections from setting in when bacteria gets into the gums, and no replacement tooth can achieve that the way a natural tooth can. Having said that, there are certain instances when a tooth must be taken out, when there is just no other options left for saving the tooth. In this article we examine the three most common instances when dental extractions are the only thing left to do.

When a root canal fails, and the area around the tooth becomes once again infected, the time has come to pull the tooth. Most people are unaware of how serious an infection resulting in a root canal actually is. Each year, thousands of people have to make trips to the emergency room because of a serious infection which develops above their teeth. Root canals call for immediate attention, in order for the situation to be stopped before it can progress into something more serious. According to a leading emergency dental clinic, www.wohrmandentalgroup.com, almost half of their emergency dental calls are for people in need of root canals. When root canals are taken care of quickly they usually don’t require further attention. However, there are times when even after dental root canals take place, which the infection above the tooth continues, and then the only course of action left is an extraction.

Another instance when dentists are forced to pull teeth is when a young child’s baby teeth won’t fall out on their own. In some rare instances a child’s baby teeth just don’t want to come out, and that can be a tricky problem to deal with when the adult teeth start to move down into place. In order to avoid impacted teeth, a dentist may have to remove stubborn baby teeth in order to make room for the adult teeth. In the case that the teeth which are removed are baby teeth, a dentist usually doesn’t worry too much as they will be replaced by permanent teeth shortly enough.

Lastly, when a tooth has been eaten away by decay, to the point where other techniques can no longer salvage the tooth, an extraction will also have to take place. Having a tooth pulled because of advanced tooth decay is something which will only take place if the patient in question didn’t go to the dentist when their tooth problems began. A dentist can easily use a dental crown or a filling in order to replace parts of the tooth which have to be removed, but if the decay has eaten away almost the entire tooth, there is little which can be done to save it.


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