Why it’s important to only work with top PR firms.

http://www.dovetailsolutions.comMany of the most powerful and influential individuals and companies hire PR firms to handle all of their public relations. They hire these companies to come up with the press releases that they send out whenever there is big news; they hire these firms to contact the media when they’re going to hold a press conference; and they often hire PR agencies to field the questions that come in from reporters when they themselves or their company is going to be in the news. The most influential and powerful organizations out there do this because they know that PR firms are the best at handling public relations. As much as they’d like to just go out there and answer questions, they know that sending out a trained professional is a much better way to handle things. Such professionals aren’t going to say things that they shouldn’t say, and they’re going to know how certain things might be misconstrued in various ways. Put simply, they know what should be said, how it should be said, and when it should be said.

That said, many companies out there make the mistake of just hiring the first PR firm they come across. Rather than taking their time and doing their homework, they simply hire the first firm with whom they have a great interview. The problem with this is that firms might be excellent at pitching themselves and what they bring to the table, but horrible at actually doing public relations. If you don’t do your homework to make sure that you’re actually picking one of the top PR firms out there then you’re likely going to end up with a public relations firm that’s not really helping your company all that much.

Why is it so important to only work with one of the top PR firms out there? The answer to that question has to do with just how critical public relations really are. To highlight just how critical PR really is, think about what your company does when it encounters a crisis. Maybe this crisis is a top executive having to resign because it turns out they’ve been laundering money, or maybe it’s that one of your product lines has just had something terrible happen with it. Your business’ only hope of withstanding such a crisis is a competent and effective PR firm that can field questions and turn the narrative around. The top PR firms out there can take a situation like this and actually turn it into free advertising. Thus, when the crisis is over, not only will your company be left standing but you’ll actually have more customers than you did before the crisis. However, a bad PR firm can mishandle the entire thing, allowing the crisis to fester until it eventually swallows your entire company. If you want to make sure that your PR firm can handle a crisis when one comes, then you absolutely must hire a firm like dovetail solutions. They have a proven track record of being one of the top PR firms out there.

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