Natalka Husar
Oil on book covers, 1999-2001

Taken from the exhibition Blond with Dark Roots, this 16-part series uses the format of 1950s and '60s romance novels to present the experiences of a young Ukrainian immigrant. To create these images, Husar bought romance novels at thrift stores, removed their covers, left the title of each book intact, changed the publisher's logo to "A Husar Romance," and painted over the rest of each cover with her own image.

In May 2024, Husar received a letter from Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. accusing her of violating the moral rights of its authors, artists, and editors. The company is demanding that Husar either alter the existing paintings or stop including them in exhibitions.

Husar has hired a lawyer and plans to fight the publisher's "absurd" accusations. We will post updates as the battle progresses.