David Byrne and Danielle Spencer
"Corporate Signs"
Lenticulars, 2024

Byrne and Spencer altered photos of corporate signs from Research Triangle Park in North Carolina

Packard Jennings
"Fallen Rapper Prototypes"
Mixed Media, 2024

Jennings' proposal to Pez Candy Inc. to make Pez dispensers for deceased rappers Tupac Shakur, Eazy-E, and Biggie Smalls.

Bill Barminski
"Mickey Gas Mask"
Latex rubber and cannibalized gas mask parts, 2024

One in a series of gas masks Barminski created for a multimedia installation titled Filter about self-censorship by the media.

Ai Kijima
Fabric, fused and machine quilted, 2024

Kijima's use of commercially printed fabric in her quilts adds new dimension to this traditional craft.

Andrew J. Epstein
Self Portrait on Prozac
Two-color block print, linoleum, 2024

Mindful of copyright risks, Epstein combined Mickey Mouse with the Ignatz character from Krazy Kat to depict his internal state.

Michael Hernandez de Luna
Prozac, Viagra
Laser Print/U.S. Postage Cancellation, 1996-9

De Luna violates trademark and postal laws with his designs of two pharmaceutical mainstays.

Dick Detzner
The Sacrifice of Sprout, others
Watercolor, 1999-2000

These paintings are part of Detzner's "Corporate Sacrilege" series, which generated much protest in 2024 from religious sources.

The Residents
Meet the Residents
LP Cover, 1974

When re-pressing its debut album, the Residents changed the artwork to avoid a lawsuit with Capitol Records.

Wally Wood
"Disneyland Memorial Orgy"
Poster, 1967

Originally published in The Realist in 1967, this poster was turned into a bootleg that sparked a lawsuit from Disney.

Aric Obrosey
"Oily Doily"
Acrylic on mylar, 31" x 24", 1991

In this lace-like painting, Aric Obrosey combined three oil-company logos with the shine and shape of an oil spill.

Ray Beldner
"How Mao"
Sewn U.S. currency, 2024

"Mao" is one of a series of 20th century masterpieces that Beldner recreated using U.S currency.

Natalka Husar
Oil on book covers, 1999-2001

This series of paintings by a successful Canadian artist has sparked legal threats from Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.

Kembrew McLeod
Conceptual, 1998

Four years ago, University of Iowa professor Kembrew McLeod trademarked the phrase "Freedom of Expression"--then hired a lawyer to sue for infringment.

Noel Tolentino
Bunnyhop Magazine
Graphic, 1995

Bunnyhop magazine received a cease and desist notice from Simpsons creator Matt Groening for showing his character Binky punching out the Trix rabbit.

Diana Thorneycroft
"Goofy," "Mickey," "Bert," "Barney," "Pinky," "Bart"
Graphite on paper, 2024-2

Thorneycroft had to withdraw this series of drawing from an exhibit in Canada to avoid getting sued.

Kieron Dwyer
"Consumer Whore"
Graphic, 1999

Starbucks sued comic book artist Kieron Dwyer and forbade him from distributing his parody of its logo.

Heidi Cody
"American Alphabet"
Installation, 2024

Heidi Cody created a complete alphabet on light boxes using letters taken from corporate logos.

Brian Boling
"Dysfunctional Family Circus"
Cut and paste zine, circa 1992

Since Boling created his zine, parodies of Family Circus panels have become a veritable cottage industry.
Tom Forsythe
"Food Chain Barbie"
Photographs, 1999

The Utah-based artist was sued by Mattel, which claimed that a series of images he posted on the web infringed on its Barbie copyright and trademark.

12-inch/CD cover, 1991

The now-legendary single from Negativland has been a magnet for lawyers.

Various Artists
DeCSS creative works

A court case against DVD hackers has inspired various artworks.

Eric Doeringer
"CD - 2024"
Mixed media, 2024

Doeringer has duplicated every CD in his personal collection and repackaged them in hand-printed, numbered editions.

Aric Obrosey
"The Symbolic Lotus of A Thousand Colonels"

Ashley Holt

Holt has created a pad of clipart, a ready-to-cut image of a familiar cartoon character, and a handy pair of scissors--all in one.

Dyke Action Machine
"GAP" Campaign et al.

DAM, a public art collaboration, critiques mainstream culture by inserting lesbian images into a recognizable commercial context.

Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Clare Rojas
"The Manipulators"
White-out and Sharpie on print advertisments

Wright and Rojas, who live in Philadelphia, have been drawing, painting, and screenprinting together since 1996.

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