Wednesday, July 23 and Thursday, July 24
Roxie Cinema (3117 16th St., at corner of Valencia St.)

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change. Updated as of 6/18/03.

Wednesday July 23

2 pm - Program a
4 pm - Program b
6 pm - Program c
8 pm - Program d
10 pm - Program a

Thursday July 24

6 pm - Program b
8 pm - Program d
10 pm - Program e

Program a (88 min)

Paul Harvey Oswald, Fair Use (aprox. 4 min.)
Eric Fensler, GI Joe PSAs (about 3 min.)
Bryan Boyce, State of the Union (2 minutes)
Phil Patiris, Iraq Campaign 1991 (19 min.)
Brian Springer, Spin (60 min.)

Program b (90 min)

Tim Maloney with Negativland, Gimme the Mermaid (aprox. 5 min)
Craig Baldwin, Sonic Outlaws (87 min.)
+ Craig Baldwin and Don Joyce

Program c

Willful Infringement
+ special guest Lawrence Lessig will introduce the film and do a Q/A afterward

Program d (85 min)

Keith Sanborn, The Artwork in the Age... (aprox. 4 min.)
D. Jean Hester, Buy Me (4 min.)
Paul Harvey Oswald, Natural Thing (aprox. 5 min.)
Eileen Maxson, Untitled (4 min?)
Brian Spinks, Bill Wasik, and Eugene Mirman, Black Thunder (2 min)
Michal Levy, Giant Steps (2:15)
Jem Cohen, excerpt from Chain (aprox. 10 min)
Naomi Uman, Removed (8 min.)
Michael Colton/, Puppy Love (2 min.)
Todd Haynes, Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (43 min.)
(shown without permission)

Program e (84 min.)

Brian Spinks, Bill Wasik, Eugene Mirman, Black Thunder (2 min)
Bryan Boyce, Special Report (aprox 5 min.)
Michael Colton/, Puppy Love (2 min.)
Joe Gibbons, Barbie's Audition (12 min.)
Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade (5 min)
Willful Infringement (58 min.)

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